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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mobile PIN code for Maxis, DiGi, Celcom and uMobile user

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What is mobile Personal Indentify Number Code (PIN code) ?
It is a security code that embed inside sim card or part of network provider services, in order to ignore unknown people gain access your network services for call, internet surfing and other related, so your credit will keep under a safe environment.
Enable PIN code protection mode able guarantee your network provider credit safe. Once unauthorized enter wrong PIN code (3 time) and PUK code (5 or 8 time), the sim card will then automatic block and the network provider unable to access, receive call / text.

You can enter new pin code for it, but first you need to enter the default pin code that set on it.

The default PIN code is located on your sim card box or a card where you take the sim card out.

Default PIN code for each network provider
Maxis : 0123
DiGi : 1234
Celcom : 1234
uMobile : 1234

3 times after you enter the wrong PIN code, the fourth time you won't be able to enter PIN code anymore, the sim card will be locked and acquire you to enter PUK code.

What is Pin Unblocking Key Code (PUK code) ? and where can i get it ?
PUK Code usually prompt out whenever the PIN code key in wrong 3 time continuously.
Note: you can only enter PUK code for 5 or 8 time attempts only, before the sim card fully lock.

The PUK code you can get from the sim card box or a card where you take the sim card out. In another word, the PUK code is located together with PIN code.

Another way to get PUK code is from your network provider by calling network provider for assistant or enter the network provider service (this feature not available on all network provider).
For example Maxis network provider, you can key in *100#, then get the PUK code under My account section.

Warning : Once your sim card fully lock (enter wrong PIN code and PUK code continously), then you need take the sim card to network provider center and change a new sim card for you, the contact number still the same, just the replace the sim card.


Shah Jehhan said...

please help me , i need PUK number for maxis
this my number : 012-838-2245

erffan evans said...

help me,i need PUK number for DiGi
my number:014-9225470

Kuyado Chin said...

pls call the hotline to get PUK code
for digi hotline: 0162211800

for future reference, pls register digi account at

here you will find your mobile info including PUK and etc...

Kuyado Chin said...

Hi for Hotlink / Maxis,
pls call below hotline to retry PUK code
03-7492 2123

*pls take note, once if the mobile completely lock and unable access any button for PUK keyin, you have to bring your mobile sim card to the nearest communication centre store for sim card replacement. Reminder is communication centre not retailer store.

hope that info will be helped.

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